My Morrison story begins in Indiana in 1837 with the marriage of Charles Morrison to Elizabeth Ireland in Martin Co.  Their marriage is recorded as 22 June 1837.  Charles and Elizabeth Morrison are found in the 1840 census in Martin Co.  They are both listed as 20-30 years of age.  To the best of my knowledge Charles and Elizabeth Morrison only had one child, Robert J. Morrison, born 13 Mar 1839.   There are a few unconnected Morrisons around Martin and Orange Counties in the early 1800s and it is possible that they are connected.  To read more about them click here.

Robert Morrison was presumably born on 13 Mar 1839 and the entire family is listed in the 1850 census in Columbia Township, Martin Co., IN.  Charles Morrison’s birth place is listed as NC and his wife’s as IN.  However, if you look at the line above Charles Morrison, it belongs to the Leonard Acre family LINK and their youngest child Sarah, the individual directly above Charles, is listed as being born in Kentucky, which is highly unlikely. I believe that the census taker in 1850 was one line off in the birth place column and that Charles Morrison was born in NC rather than young Sarah Acre.  And that is wife was born in KY.  See 1860 below.

In 1860 Charles and Elizabeth Morrison with their son Robert, age 19, are still listed in Columbia, Martin Co., IN in the Natchez postal district.  Charles is 52  years old and his wife is 50.  They were born in KY and NC respectively.

Robert Morrison married in 1861 to Elizabeth Davis in Martin Co., IN.  I have a few ideas about who her parents might be, but know nothing definite.  She is buried in the Acre Cemetery in Halbert Twp., Martin Co., IN presumably having died 8 Feb 1872, following the birth of a child on February 2.  One of the biggest mysteries to me regarding her death is that she is not listed with her husband in the 1870 census.  Rather it is his second wife Mary who we see in his household that year.  If anyone has any answers regarding this mystery I would love to hear them.  LINK TO DAVIS PAGE

Robert Morrison and Elizabeth Davis had the following children between 1862 and 1872:  William A. (died at age 2), Nancy J., William J., Charles, Sarah Ella (my ancestor, b. 19 Dec 1869) and John, born just before his mother died and dying shortly thereafter.  See post.  In addition, during this time, from 1862 to 1865 Robert Morrison served with Ephraim Acre in the Civil War.

As I mentioned above, in the 1870 census Robert Morrison is listed in Columbia, Martin Co., IN (age 26) with his second wife Mary, also aged 26.  The children are listed as Nancy J., William J., Sarah C., and Dilley E. (3 months).  I have not located Charles and Elizabeth Morrison for certain during this year, although there is a couple who partially fit the description in the town of Southeast in Orange Co., IN (adjacent to Martin Co.).  He is 64 years old, b. KY and his wife Elizabeth is 60, b. IN.  The last name looks more like Manship than Morrison and is indexed as such in HertiageQuest.  There is a girl living with them, Emily, age 22, who shares their last name.  I do not know if this is the right couple or who the girl might be.  I do not know what happened to Nancy or William after they left home (or if they survived to adulthood), but they did not outlive their father as noted in his obituary.

In 1872, Robert Morrison married Mary J. Simmons, also in Martin Co., IN.  As stated above, I believe she is the woman listed in his household in the 1870 census.  Mary died in 1876, but presumably had four children before she died:  Laura, George, Willie, and Florence.  See post for details.

Charles Morrison dies in 1873.

In 1877, Robert Morrison remarried again, this time to Sarah A. Wilson, also in Martin Co., IN.  See post for information regarding descendants.

In 1880 Robert Morrison, age 40, and wife Sarah, age 30, are again in Columbia, Martin Co., IN with children: Leta (?), Chas., Sarah E., Laura A., George, Willie, Florence, and Harvey.  Next door is Perry Wilson, age 27, with wife and children.  And the next entry is Robert Morrison’s widowed mother, Elizabeth, living alone.  She is 74 years old and her birth place, as well as that of her parents is listed as North Carolina.  For what it’s worth, Robert Morrison lists the birth place of both of his parents as KY.

Young Florence presumably dies in 1886 at the age of 11.  I do not know what happened to George or Willie, but they did not outlive their father as they are not listed in his obituary.   In 1887, Robert Morrison’s daughter Sarah marries John Thomas Acre.  Information regarding their lives and descendants can be found on my Acre page.

By the 1900 census, Robert and Sarah Morrison have moved to Orange Co., IN, adjacent to Martin Co.  In 1900 they are living in Northwest Township.  The children listed at home are: Alpha, Shirley, Ross, and Nellie Black, age 4, their granddaughter.  Once again, he lists his parents birth place as KY.     I do not know where Robert’s sons Harvey and Perry are in 1900, but they in resurface later years.

Robert’s oldest living child Charles Morrison, age 31, is probably the Charles listed in 1900, living with his wife Clara Alice in Bruceville, Knox Co., IN.  Their children are listed as Flora (Ethel H.?) and Arthur S. and in later years joined by Jennie L.,  and Ruth E.  Charles continues to live in Knox Co., IN but is listed in Widner Twp. by 1930.  He is mentioned as “of Oaktown, IN” in Robert Morrison’s obituary.  In 1920 their son Arthur is living with them with his wife Blanche and daughter Bernice.

Regarding Robert Morrison’s daughter Laura.  She is probably the Laura Morrison, age 22, boarding at the house of Steven N. Simmons (perhaps a relation of her mother’s?) in Tuscarawas Co., OH.  She is a bookkeeper.  No relationship is stated.  By 1910 she listed as Laura A. Hicks, widow, in the same county.  Mother of one child who is not living. (Source Stephen Morrison – Laura married Robert H. Hicks).  We know from Robert Morrison’s obituary that she was Mrs. Laura Fowler by the time of his death in 1930 and that she was living in Pennsylvania.  It is there that we find her in 1920 and 1930, married to Owen S. Fowler.  While there is no child listed in 1920, a daughter Mary E., age 13, is listed with them in 1930.  According to the census, Laura A. is 53 years old and was 39 at the time of her marriage….so we can reason that the marriage took place about 1916.

Of his younger children, Harvey Morrison appears in 1910 in the household of his father-in-law George Temple.  He is newly married to wife Stella.  While I cannot find him in 1920 or 1930, he is listed of Brooklyn, IN in his father’s obituary.  Perry Morrison is a boarder in 1910, listed in French Lick Twp.  He marries in 1913, but I cannot find him in the census before his death in 1929.  Harriet marries Otha C. Scarlett and is listed with her husband and growing family 1900 – 1930.  Her children include: Vera W., Viola, Madge(?), Geneva, and Jack.  With the exception of 1910 when they are listed in Monroe Co, IN the family is listed in French Lick Twp.   Alpha marries James Harry Salmon in 1901 and is listed with her husband and daughter in 1910 in Martin Co., IN.  Alpha dies in 1913, but not before another daughter is born, Isol E. who is listed with her father and sister in 1920 and 1930.  Shirley (or Harry) marries in 1908 to Mattie Fisher.  The couple is listed in French Lick Township in 1910 and 1930 (and in 1920 in Logan Co., IL) with the family growing throughout the years to include the following children:  Paul L., Clyde H., Farrell D., Dorothy M., Herbert R., and Wilma V., Virginia M., and Harold K.

From 1910 to 1930 we find Robert Morrison in French Lick Township also in Orange Co., IN.  My grandmother remembered that cousins of her mother’s lived in this area and that she once visited them.  Sarah is listed with him in 1910 and 1920.  Son Ross and granddaughter Nellie Black are there in 1910 only.  Daughter Harriet (Vina) Scarlett is next door in 1920 and 1930.  Sarah Wilson Morrison dies in 1923 in West Baden, French Lick township, Orange Co,. IN.  By 1930, Robert Morrison is living alone.  He is 91 years old.  He says his parents were born in KY and VA.

Robert Morrison dies 5 May 1930 so it is somewhat surprising that he appears in the census at all for that year.  The census is dated April 7th.  He is buried at Ames Chapel Cemetery and his obituary is transcribed here.

Ross Morrison, the youngest son of Robert, and the last to leave home is listed, age 30, in 1920 in Dora Twp., Moultrie Co., IL with wife Alice M. and children ages 0-6:  Price O., Lucile A., Grace B., Laurence E., and Oliver.  He presumably dies in 1980 in Coles Co., IL.

Possible Morrison connections and birth place analysis.