Leonard Acre was born in North Carolina (find it on my Acre Family Map). He was married in 1824 in Wayne Co., KY (find it on my Acre Family Map), his marriage bond witnessed there by John Acre, presumably a relative. The best guess among Acre researchers, suggested by Cynthia Ziegler in her book about the descendants of Leonard Acre, is that Leonard was the son of John Acree and grandson of William A. Acree. See Post with details about this research.

From William A. Acree’s pension file we know that he moved with his mother and siblings to Guilford Co., NC (find it on my Acre Family Map) from Frederick Co., MD at the age of 12 or 13 after his father died. This would have been about 1765. He probably married his first wife Phoebe there and his son John Acre(e), Leonard’s presumed father, was born there in 1776. William A. Acree states in his pension file that he lived in Guilford and in Randolph Counties in North Carolina. Randolph Co. was formed in 1779 from Guilford Co., NC. So it is possible that despite living in both counties the family may not have moved.

There appear to me to be many possible census matches for William A. Acree in the early census records. William’s children are: John (b.1776), William (b.1780), Elizabeth (b.1782), Ephraim (b.1784), Mary (b.1789), Peter (b.1794), Catherine (b.1796), and Phoebe (b.1798). Keeping that in mind, I believe the family is listed as follows:

1790: William Archer (1m16+, 3m-16, 3f) in Randolph Co., NC. Other possible matches include William and John Argo in Randolph Co., NC and William Akin in Guilford Co., NC.

If it is the case that the family was in Randolph Co. before 1790 then John Acree probably married his wife Catherine there. And if Leonard is truly the son of John then he was most likely born in Randolph Co., NC about 1798.

1800: John and William Achra are listed in Randolph Co., NC (find it on my Acre Family Map). William’s family includes: 1m-10, 1m10-16, 1m16-26, 1m45+, 2f-10, 1f10-16, 1f16-26, 1f45+. [in order Peter, Ephraim, son William, William A., Catherine and dau. Phoebe, Mary, Elizabeth, and wife Phoebe]. John’s family includes: 2m-10, 1m16-26, 1f16-26. [I have seen conflicting lists of children for John Acree, but if Leonard is a part of this family then he would be one of the two boys.]

1804: According to the dates in William A. Acree’s pension file he probably moved to Wayne Co., KY (find it on my Acre Family Map) about 1804 (he states in 1832 that he had lived there for about 28 years). Assuming that Leonard traveled at the same time he would have moved to KY as a boy of about 6 years old.

1810: We find John Acrey in Wayne Co., KY (2m-10, 1m10-16, 1m16-26, 1m45+, 1f16-26) and also Wm Acre (1m-10, 1m26-45, 2f-10, 1f16-26), probably John’s brother and his young family. John’s brother Ephraim Akrey is also listed in Wayne Co., KY this year. William A. Acree does not appear in the census in Wayne Co. in 1810, however the numbers and ages in John Acrey’s listing make it a possiblity that his father was living with them. [There is also a John Aicher in Guilford Co., NC with a young family].

1820: William Acry and John Acry are listed in Wayne Co., KY again in 1820. William must have lost his wife before the 1820 census was taken because he is listed only with a young woman in the household. John has a son the right age to be Leonard among many other children. John is the only brother still found in Wayne Co., KY in this year. I have several notes on his sisters: that Mary married James Barnes and that Catherine married David Mayes. Those men are both listed in the 1820 census in Wayne Co., KY. It should be noted that there are still, in that year, John Acre(e)s in other Kentucky Counties and in Bertie Co., NC. We are following the Wayne Co. family because we know that Leonard was married in Wayne Co., KY in 1824. William A. Acree also remarried in Wayne Co. to Eady Doss in December of 1820.

1824: Leonard Acre married Sarah “Sally” Ballard on January 9, 1824 in Wayne Co., KY (find it on my Acre Family Map). If Leonard was truly related to William A. Acree, who died in Otter Creek, perhaps he was married and lived in that area. His marriage bond is signed by John Acree, presumably his father…although the possibility should not be overlooked that it could just as easily have been another male relative. Sally Ballard’s parents remain unknown at this time. See my Ballard post for some ideas.

In any case, Leonard and Sally Acre must have moved to Alabama (find it on my Acre Family Map) shortly after their marriage, because their oldest children are born there: Nancy in 1826 and John in 1827. Northern Alabama is not far from southern Kentucky so I assume that he probably went there, but I do not know. Joseph Acre, son of Leonard, was born in 1829 in IN so Leonard must not have been in Alabama for more than a couple of years before he moved to Orange Co., IN (find it on my Acre Family Map).

1830: William Acy is listed in Wayne Co., KY (2m-5, 1m5-10, 1m70-80, 1f-5, 1f15-20, 1f30-40). None of the other Acree children are listed in Wayne Co., KY in this year. My notes indicate that John went to Clay Co., IN, I do not know how it was connected that this was the same man, but the names and dates certainly fit. So assuming that these notes are correct… John Acre(s) is now listed in Clay Co., IN (along with a Luke Acre). Ephraim Acre, another son of William A. Acree is listed in 1830 in Vermillion Co., IL.

We know that William A. Acree, died in Otter Creek, Wayne Co., KY (find it on my Acre Family Map) in 1833. The text of his will makes no connection to the Indiana families.

Leonard Acre is recorded as head of household in the 1830 census in Orange Co., IN. Orange Co. was settled in 1816 and was possibly named for Orange Co., NC. He is recorded that year as “Lenard Acre” and the census states that he is 30-40 years old. His wife is 20-30 and there are three children listed. Presumably they are Nancy, b. 1826 in AL, John b. 1827 in AL, and Joseph b. 1829 in IN. Martha, b. 1828 is not listed.

1840: In the remainder of the census records Leonard is living in Columbia, Martin Co., IN (find it on my Acre Family Map). We can watch his family grow by reading the census. In 1840, he is indexed as “Leonard Alea” which made him a little difficult to find. He is 40-50 years old, his wife remains 20-30. Lucky Sarah. There are now 7 children listed in the household, presumably: Nancy Ann, John Emerson, Joseph L. Ephraim, Emerson, Rachel, and Delana Jane.

I find it a little odd that no other branch of William A. Acree’s descendants seems to have gone to the Martin Co. area. John Acree (Leonard’s presumed father) is listed in Clay Co., IN in 1840.

1850: John Acree continues to be listed in Clay Co., IN (he dies there in 1851). John’s sons and their families are also listed in Clay Co., IN and Putnam Co. (adjacent to Clay) where most of them remain 1850 – 1880.

Leonard Acre, age 51, is listed again in Columbia, Martin Co., IN with Sarah (46), Joseph (20), Ephraim (18), Emerson (16), Rachel (14), and Jane (12)

1854: Ephraim Acre married Margaret Elizabeth Hamilton on January 26, 1854 in Orange Co., IN (find it on my Acre Family Map). Margaret Elizabeth Hamilton was the daughter of William and Sarah McCulley Hamilton. She came with her parents to Orange Co., IN from Orange Co., NC about 1840. Her sister Caroline C. Hamilton married Ephraim’s brother Joseph L. Acre in 1852.

1860: The census gives Leonard Acre’s age as 60, his wife Sarah (55). Also living with them that year is Martha Fletcher, age 13. I do not know her relationship to the Acres or why she is living with them. He remains in Columbia, Martin Co., IN.

John Acree’s widow Catherine has moved to Harrison Co., IA where she is listed in 1860 with son (?) William Acrea and his family. I cannot find any of them after that year.

1870: Leonard Acre is listed for the last time in Columbia, Martin Co., IN. His age is given as 71 and his wife Sarah as 66. There is no record of Leonard after the 1870 census. Presumably he died in Martin Co., IN before his wife’s death in 1875 and is buried perhaps in the Acre Cemetery in Halbert. Sarah dies in 1875 in Illinois and she is buried in Hebron Cemetery in Sinclair, Morgan Co., IL (find it on my Acre Family Map). She probably went there to live with her son John E. Acre and his family after Leonard died.

Regarding the children of Leonard and Sarah Acre, many of them also made their homes in Martin Co. during the 19th century:

Nancy marries Moses Denny and they are listed from 1850 on (until Nancy is listed in 1910 with son-in-law Anderson Gray).

John Emerson is listed in Martin Co. in 1860 with his first wife, Laura and their children. In 1870 and 1880 he is listed in Yatesville, Morgan Co., IL with his second wife Catharine. Catharine is living with John’s son Jesse in the 1900 census in Tallula, Menard Co., IL.

Joseph Acre and his family live in Martin Co., IN and are listed in the census there from 1860 on, Joseph dying in 1897 and his wife Caroline (Hamilton) remarrying James Snider and continuing to live in Martin Co. until her death in 1920.

Ephraim Acre is listed in Columbia, Martin Co., IN from 1860 – 1900. He and his family are listed next to Leonard in several records. His son, John Thomas Acre, married Sarah Ella Morrison on March 17, 1887 in Shoals, Martin Co., IN (find it on my Acre Family Map).  John Thomas Acre made a claim in Kansas

Son Anderson Acre, marries Lydia Phillips and is listed in Halbert in 1860. After his death in 1863, his widow marries David Phillips and they are found still in Martin Co. in 1870, but not after that.

I am uncertain what became of daughter Rachel. I have a note from another researcher that she married Joshua Hubbs, but they do not appear in the census together that I can find. I did find a census listing for Rachel Cox (nee Hubbs) in 1860…but I do not know if she is the same Rachel.

Finally, Leonard’s youngest daughter Delana Jane married Levi Springer. They are listed in Martin co., IN in 1860, but not after that.