Ancestors of Thankful Hopkins

The family story, passed down as something said by Lewis, her son, was that Thankful Hopkins (b. 1746) was the daughter of Stephen Hopkins, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  There is no evidence to support this.  So who was her father?  We have been unable to locate any vital records pertaining to Thankful.

I did find one Hopkins family from Litchfield, CT, that of Stephen Hopkins and Rebecca Mayo.  They had children as follows:  Desire, Prence, Benjamin, John, Mary, Rebeckah, and Hannah, born between 1732 and 1755.  Prence’s son Chillingsworth is buried in the same cemetery in Hamilton, NY where the descendants of Stephen and Thankful are buried so at least one member of this Hopkins family made the same journey from Litchfield to upstate NY as Thankful did.  Was she connected to these Hopkins?  I do not know.  There doesn’t seem to be any evidence of this Stephen having a daughter named Thankful either.

Another possibility raised by another researcher was that of the family of Jonathan Hopkins and Anne Colt, both of Hartford.  They DID have a daughter named Thankful, but as far as I can tell she would have been born no later than 1730, as such is probably too old too have been our Thankful.




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