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Bredbeck Online Forums and Resources:

  • – Bredbeck message board.
  • – Same message board content as the Ancestry board.
  • Rootsweb Mailing List – Subscribe to the Bredbeck mailing list.
  • – Bredbeck message board.

German Genealogy Sites:

  • Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank – A research project conducted by the Historisches Museum in Bremerhaven. Dedicated to pulling together all the German Emigration lists from 1820 to the present. Explains why people were leaving Bremen in the 1800s.
  • – The self-described “German Genealogy Internet Portal”.

German Geography and History Sites:

  • Königreich Hannover – A website dedicated to Hanover by Dr. Lutz König, Uelzen. Contains an English version.
  • Wikipedia – This is a great website in English and in German. There is a link to the German equivalent below…which has entirely different information. The public is free to contribute and change articles so there are many authors for each entry.
  • Wikipedia – This is the German Wikipedia site. It too is contributed to by multiple authors. When I clicked on this link it wouldn’t work, but if you click on “go to main page” and then search for “Osterholz” one of the choices will say “Osterholz-Scharmbeck.”
  • Citymap – This website provides a detailed city map of Osterholz-Scharmbeck and clearly shows Bredbeck (zoom out 3 times and then hit north once). The main website ( provides maps and travel information for the whole country of Germany in German.
  • – This map is a little difficult to read, but it was where I originally found Bredbeck while working on the map. It seems to the only map that finds Bredbeck in a search.
  • Stadplandienst – a German language online atlas. Great views of Meyenburg, Lesum, and Osterholz, but you can’t find the smaller places using the search feature.

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