The Marine and Sarah Davis family

Posted on: November 9th, 2009

Marine (or Marion) Davis, according to the census records, was born about 1815, probably in Kentucky.  He died sometime between the 1880 and 1900 census.  We first find a Marene Davis in Lawrence Co., IN in 1840.  Looking at the vital records for that county, we find a marriage record for Marion Davis and Sarah Bond in Lawrence Co. on 20 Aug 1837.  The couple is listed in the subsequent census records as follows:

1850 in Northwest Twp., Orange Co., IN:  Marine Davis with wife Sarah and children William (17), Harriet (12), Elizabeth (11), John (9), Henry (5), Martha (3), Mary (1), and Sarah J. (12).

1860: in Halbert, Martin Co., IN:  Marine (44) and Sarah (45) with children: Elizabeth, John, Henry, Martha, and Mary.

1870: in Northwest Twp., Orange Co., IN: Manon (or Marion) and Sarah Davis

1880: Northwest: Marine and Sarah Davis with daughter Mary Owen and their Owen grandchildren:  James M., Lydia A., William A., Henry F., Sarah J., and Martha A.

There is an entry in the Orange Co., IN WPA Death Index for Sarah Davis near Northwest Twp.  She died in 1885.  There is no entry for Marine.

The origins of Marine and Sarah Davis have yet to be determined.  There was quite a large group of Davis families in the area.  I have not yet determined how (and if) they are related to each other and/or Marine.  Many of those families seem to have come up from Kentucky, which is consistent with Marine Davis’s birth place.  Of note is that in the 1880 census he lists his father’s birth place as Maryland and his mother’s as Kentucky.

Sarah Bond, according to several gedcoms on the Ancestry World Tree, was the daughter of a widow, Sally Starkey Bond, who came to Lawrence Co., IN with her children following the death of her husband, Robert Bond in Kentucky.  The family was from Virginia.   While this story is certainly consistent with Sarah’s birth place listed in the census as Virginia, I have done no research to confirm the validity of any of it.   In 1880, Sarah lists her parents birth places both as North Carolina.

One other note of interest regarding the possible family of Marine Davis.  In 1850, there is an Elizabeth Davis next door to the household of Marine, age 39, in Northwest Twp.  She is 57 years old.  She was born in Kentucky.  There is only one other individual in her household.  A 16 year old boy named Marion.   In 1860, Marion, age 26, is listed as head of household.  Elizabeth Davis is still there, now 66.  They are followed by another female Davis, age 42, also born in Kentucky.  The name looks something like Edelon.

Obituary of Robert J. Morrison

Posted on: November 7th, 2009

Printed in the Springs Valley Herald, French Lick, IN on 22 May 1930 (forwarded by Steve Morrison):

“Robert Morrison was born near Shoals, Indiana March 14, 1841 and departed this life Sunday night, May 1, 1930 at the age of 87 years and two months.  He was united in marriage three times. His first marriage was to Elizabeth Davis, January 31, 1860. To this union four children were born.  Two preceded him in death. The living are Charles of Oaktown, Indiana and Ella Acre of Canton, Ohio. His second marriage was to Mary J. Simmons, August 29, 1872. To this union three children were born of which only Mrs. Laura Fowler of Claysville, Penn. survives him. And his third marriage was to Sarah A. Wilson, May 26, 1877. To this union six children were born of which four survive; him: Harvey of Brooklyn, Indiana, Shirley of West Baden, Ross of Windsor, Ill. and Mrs. Bina Scarlet of West Baden…For three years he has been blind and confined to his home. He was a member of the Methodist church and was converted in 1898. During all his afflictions and pain he was jovial, patient and kind. He expressed his willingness and readiness to take the great departure.  Besides his children and other relatives he leaves thirty-four grandchildren to mourn his departure.

‘The course of my long life hath reached at last,/In fragile bark o’er tempestuous sea,  The common harbor, where must rendered be/Account of all actions of the past.’

We wish to thank the neighbors and friends for help and sympathy, and beautiful flowers also W. V. Rit-ter & Son for their efficient service, Rev. E. C. Montgomery for the consoling words and the choir for the beautiful songs in the death of our father, Robert Morrison.
The Children”

Children of Robert Morrison and Sarah Ann Wilson

Posted on: November 7th, 2009

Following the death of his second wife, Mary Simmons in Dec 1876, Robert Morrison married for the third and final time on 13 May 1877 to Sarah Ann Wilson.  Their marriage is recorded in the Martin Co., IN marriages.

The census and obituary both list six children for the marriage of Robert and Sarah (Wilson) Morrison.  They are as follows (source for the children’s birth, deaths, and marriages is Stephen Morrison):

Harvey Morrison was b. 4 Oct 1878 and d. 27 Dec 1939.  He married in Feb 1910 to Stella Temple and was living in Brooklyn, IN according to his father’s 1930 obituary.

Perry Morrison was b. 25 Sep 1880 and d. 1929.  He married in 1913 to Lizzie Blagrave.

Harriet Lavina “Bina” Morrison was b. 7 Sep 1881 and d. 29 Dec 1964.  She married in 1899 to Otha Scarlett.

Alpha Morrison was b. 12 Sep 1884 and d. 16 Sep 1913.  She married in 1901 to James Harry Salmon.

Harry Shirley Morrison was b. 25 Feb 1887 and d. 14 Dec 1956.  He married in 1908 to Mattie Fisher.

Ross Morrison was b. 2 Sep 1889 and d. 29 Apr 1980.  He married in 1911 to Alice May Galloway.

Children of Robert Morrison and Mary J. Simmons

Posted on: November 7th, 2009

After the death of his first wife, Elizabeth Davis, Robert Morrison (13 Mar 1839 Martin Co., IN – 5 May 1930) married for the second time on 29 Aug 1872 Martin Co., IN to Mary J. Simmons (12 Oct 1852 KY – 24 Dec 1876).

According to his obituary, Robert and Mary (Simmons) Morrison had three children, one of whom survived him.  I have four children listed in my file, using the census records as a source.  Details are as follows:

  1. Laura A. Morrison (Jun 1874 – abt 1936) married first, aft 1900, to Robert H. Hicks (source: Stephen Morrison).  Robert and Laura (Morrison) Hicks had one child who died before 1910, according to the census.  She married again about 1913 to Owen S. Fowler (source:  Stephen Morrison).  She is still living in 1930 and is mentioned in her father’s obituary.
  2. George Morrison, twin of Willie below (b. 1874).  The twins are listed in the 1880 census with their father.   They are not listed in 1900.  I do not know what happened to them after they left home, but neither one outlived Robert Morrison.
  3. Willie Morrison, twin of George above (b. 1874 and d. bef 1930, see above).
  4. Florence Morrison (b. 1875 IN and d. 6 Dec 1886).  Source for death date:  Stephen Morrison.

Mary Simmons Morrison died on 24 Dec 1876 and Robert Morrison married his thrid wife, Sarah Ann Wilson on 13 May 1877.  For a listing of their children see the related post.

John Thomas Acre (30 Sep 1861 Martin Co., IN – 15 Dec 1952 Colorado) married on 17 Mar 1887 in Shoals, Martin Co., IN to Sarah Ella Morrison (19 Dec 1869 Martin Co., IN – 8 May 1948 Canton, OK).   Their marriage is recorded in the Martin Co. marriages.

They had the following children:

Rufus R. Acre was b. 28 Feb 1888 in Gove Co., KS and d. 17 Nov 1941.  He married on 5 Dec 1917 to Annie Mary Hyden (source for maiden name:  Wanda White).

James “Jim” Sherman Acre was b. 25 Jun 1889 in Gove Co., KS and d. abt 1985.  He married on 22 Dec 1914 to Edith Letitia Downs (source for maiden name:  Gail Bee).

Robert “Bobby” Acre was b. 24 Feb 1892 in Lacy, OK and d. in Jun  of the same year.

Charles “Charl(ie)” Morrison Acre was b. 27 Feb 1894 Lacy, OK and d. 21 Nov 1964.  He married 24 Sep 1919 to Margaret Christina Paulsen.

Isol Mildred Acre was b. 19 Aug 1895 in Lacy, OK and d. 31 Dec 1962.  She married Ben Walker.

Roy Acre was b. 9 Feb 1898 in Lacy, OK and d. 10 Oct 1905.

Agnes Acre was b. 14 Feb 1900 in Lacy, OK and d. Dec 1985.  She married 12 Feb 1921 to Manuel Baker.

Nellie Maud Acre was b. 9 Feb 1905 in Lacy, OK and d. 17 Sep 1993.  She married in 26 Oct 1929 in Canton, OK to Donald Ferguson Bredbeck.

Bonnie “Bon” Acre was b. 4 Nov 1906 in Lacy, OK and d. 1995 in California.  He married 29 Dec 1935 in Fairview, OK to Noma Webber.

Otha “Othie” Acre was b. 8 Dec 1910 in Canton, OK and d. 25 Dec 1995 in Canton, OK.  He married first to “Tommie” Gard in 1942 and second to Heloise.

Children of Robert Morrison and Elizabeth Davis

Posted on: November 7th, 2009

Robert Morrison (b. 13 Mar 1839 in Martin Co., IN – d. 5 May 1930 in Orange Co., IN) married Elizabeth Davis (b. 23 May 1830 (or 1839) in IN – d. 8 Feb 1872) on January 31, 1861 in Martin Co., IN.

According to his obituary, Robert and Elizabeth Davis Morrison had four children, two of whom survived him.  I have six recorded children and am assuming that the obituary does not include the two children who died in infancy.

Children are recorded as follows:

William A. Morrison b. 30 May 1862 and d. 31 Aug 1864.  The source for this child is Steve Morrison, who indicates that young William is buried in the Acre Cemetery in Halbert, Martin Co., IN.

Nancy J. Morrison b. abt 1864.  She is listed in her father’s household in 1870 and (possibly) 1880.  I do not know what happened to her, but as she did not survive her father she must have died before 1930.

William J. Morrison b. abt 1866.  He is listed in his father’s household in 1870.  I do not know what happened to him, but as he did not survive his father he must have died before 1930.

Charles Morrison, b. Jan 1869 in IN and d. 1946 in Knox Co., IN.  Charles is listed in his father’s household 1870 – 1880.   He married in 1896 and is listed in the census as head of household in Knox Co., IN 1900 – 1930 with his wife Clara Alice (maiden name Chestnut from Steve Morrison).  Their children, according to the census are Flora (Ethel?), Arthur, Jesse, and Ruth.  They must also have had a child who died before 1900.  In his father’s obituary he is listed as living in Oaktown, IN.

Sarah Ella Morrison, b. 19 Dec 1869 in Shoals, Martin Co., IN and d. 8 May 1948 in Canton, OK.  Sarah married in Shoals on 17 Mar 1887 to John Thomas Acre.  Their children were:  Rufus, Jim, Bobby, Charles, Isol, Roy, Agnes, Nellie, Bon, and Otha.  For more information about their descendants please see the separate post.

John Morrison, b. 2 Feb 1872 and d. 17 May 1872.  John is buried in the Acre Cemetery in Martin Co., IN.  As his mother, who died 6 days after his birth.

Following the death of his wife in February of 1872, and his infant son 3 months later, Robert Morrison married for the second time in August 1872 to Mary Simmons.  In the 1870 census it is Mary who is listed alongside Robert instead of Elizabeth.  If anyone knows anything more about this inconsistency, I would be interested in hearing the story.  Please see the NEXT POST regarding the children of Robert with his second wife.

Possible Morrison Origins and Relations

Posted on: November 6th, 2009

My best guess, based on census records, is that Charles Morrison was born in Kentucky about 1804 or 1805.  There are two conflicting entries placing his birth in North Carolina or Tennessee.  The North Carolina entry, I believe is a case of the birth places being a line off from the corresponding names on the census page…this thought based on the b. Kentucky entry in the line above him for a child I know to be born in Indiana.  Moving the births down one line would indicate Charles b. in KY and his wife in NC which is consistent with the other records.  The Tennessee entry was given by Charles’ son Robert when, in his 80s, he indicated that his father was born in Tennessee.  This entry is interesting to me as there are a handful of Morrisons living in and around Martin and Orange Counties who WERE born in Tennessee within 10 years of Charles.  I have no evidence to connect Charles or Robert Morrison to any of these other families, but it is interesting to note who they are.  Included below are Morrison families living in the area around Martin Co., IN beginning in 1830.

James Morrison (the elder):  Listed in Orange Co., IN in 1830 (1m20-30, 1m60-70, 160-70).   There is no male 70-80 found in the 1840 census.

James Morrison (the younger):  Listed in Martin Co., IN in 1840 on the same page as Charles (1m-5, 1m30-40, 1f-5, 2f5-10, 3f10-15, 1f30-40).  He is not found in the area in 1850, however, there are other James Morrisons in Indiana.

John Morrison:  Listed in Martin Co., IN in 1840 (2m-5, 1m5-10, 1m30-40, 1f5-10, 1f10-15, 1f30-40).  He is not found in Martin Co. in 1850, but there is a John Morrison b. 1808 in Tennessee living in Putnam County and a John Morrison, b. abt 1814 in Kentucky in Vigo County.  And in 1860 there is a John Morrison  b. abt 1809 in Kentucky in Daviess County.  Daviess county is adjacent to Martin County.

Zachariah Morrison:  Listed in Daviess Co., in 1840 and then in Orange Co. in 1850.  In 1860 and 1870 what appears to be the same family is in Greene Co., just north of Martin.  Zachariah was born about 1817 or 1818 in Tennessee or Kentucky.  His wife is Mary and their children are:  Henry L., Margaret, John L. (or T.), James (K.), Leodica (Lodice or Dicy), Joseph, Thomas W., and Cora E.  The children are all born in Indiana.

William Morrison:  Listed in French Lick, Orange Co., IN in 1860, William Morrison was born about 1805 in Tennessee.  His wife, Dianna, and their children were also born in Tennessee.  The children are both daughters:  Mary (19) and Sarah (25).  Sarah is married to Robison Dalton.  Sarah and her husband are listed in Orange Co. in 1870, but I do not find the rest of the family again.

Would love to know anything else about these people or about any Morrison connections to Charles Morrison, of Martin County, IN.