Posted on: October 2nd, 2008

We have a new format here at Bredbeck.com. I have pages related to each surname listed across the top of every page. Click on a tab to go to the appropriate surname. You can also find posts related to a given surname by clicking on the categories listed to the right. If you click on “Bredbeck” for example you will be directed to a list of all the posts which pertain to that surname. My entire published family tree can also be found on this site.  In addition we have several fun new features:  Maps, a Timeline, and the Phototree.  Have fun!

You will not find a complete list of sources. The reason for this is that my sources are heavily annotated and contain many email addresses and other personal bits of information. I have tried automatically generating this source list and editing it by hand for the website, but every time I update my file I have to go back and edit the source list which is an extensive task.  Nor have I included most of my research notes in the online tree.  Instead, I have created a “web notes” category in my gedcom which is published on the tree and includes some source information and certain key notes for my direct ancestors.   I have especially tried to include these source notes where I am deeply indebted to someone else’s research.   Of course, adding these notes has also been an extensive task and I am not yet finished….  If you would like to be mentioned in the notes for a specific individual with a link to your email or website, please let me know…it is very easy for me to do that on a case by case basis.

Please please please email me to discuss sources and notes. I have tried not to include individuals in this tree for whom I have questionable sources, but as always in genealogy, my tree is constructed of information for which I have original sources and lots of proof and also of hypothesis and gut feelings for which I am still looking for confirmation.   It is as easy, when marking the tree for publication, to include questionable individuals as it is to leave out branches that should be included.   I have many notes and sources and hypothetical branches of the family which I would be happy to share if you email me.

And feel free to add comments.